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Our Surgery

For your safety and comfort
At Dentland we go to great lengths to create a pleasant environment for our patients, offering dental services in a relaxed atmosphere.


Our medical staff work with state-of-the-art equipment:



·         the latest x-ray technology, which reduces radiation doses by up to 90% compared with ordinary x-rays. It also gives the dentist instant images, so we can advise you more quickly.

·         computerised CAD/CAM procedures for high-tech tooth replacements and substitutions

·         professional tooth-whitening systems like the Zoom system

·         root canal treatments with professional machinery

·         market-leading implantation systems

Every member of the Dentland team regularly attend courses and conferences to keep abreast of the latest changes in dentistry.


Our surgery has also developed its own dental laboratory technique, as a result of which quality tooth replacements can be fabricated with a short deadline under the supervision of our own medical professionals.


The methods, the materials and the equipment applied in our surgery have all been granted the CE quality certificate and match the strictest European safety requirements.


Guarantee: 3 - 10 year guarantee on all dental treatments (crowns, veneers, inlays, implants, etc.)


Our dental practice is located in the Thermal and Wellness Hotel AQUATICUM Debrecen**** in the heart of the Great Forest, one of the oldest conservation areas of Hungary.


Because the hotel is built upon a spa, hotel guests can access all the services of the spa without having to leave the hotel.


So in addition to the top of the range dental services provided by us, you can also enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal water of the Debrecen Spa, which is excellent for the treatment of chronic arthritis, osteoarthritis, orthopaedic deformations, disorders resulting from accidents, certain cardiovascular disorders, gynaecological problems and neuralgic pains.


40 different kinds of therapies are available to guests, including several methods of hydrotherapy: single or in groups, mud-packs, weight-baths, electrotherapy and tangentor treatments.


The open-air pool complex next to the spa provides guests of all ages with eight open-air pools, Finnish saunas and sun beds. The indoor Mediterranean pools provide entertainment with slopes and Jacuzzis.

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Our Surgery

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Dentistry - dentists Hungary - teeth whitening – metalfree bridge - dental anesthesia - aesthetic dentistry    

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