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Dentistry hungary, dentist - - Your itinerary for a long weekend

Your itinerary for a long weekend

Day 1:

You hop on a plane of your choice and fly to our country. We pick you up and drive you safely to your hotel, giving you a short introduction into our country on the way.

You enjoy a relaxing bath in the thermal pools, a nice meal in one of the city restaurants and by night you will feel to have covered a journey in time, too.


Day 2:

You are all relaxed and we are all prepared for examining you and sorting out the best solution for you. (For details please visit our Dental Treatments page.) While we start all the processes necessary for taking care of your teeth, you will have a nice time in the city sightseeing, shopping or just wandering around.


Day 3:

Although your dental treatment may take up a couple of hours, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation. Would you like to drive around in the vicinity? Or attend a cultural or sporting event in the evening? We are there to entertain you.


Day 4:

Following a nice long breakfast and a morning check-up, we are happy to drive you back to the airport, happy to have helped you in a truly dental holiday.

For a personal dental holiday plan please contact us.

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Your itinerary for a long weekend

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Your itinerary for a long weekend, dental itenirery, tourism






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Dentistry - dentists Hungary - teeth whitening – metalfree bridge - dental anesthesia - aesthetic dentistry    

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