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Hello! How much for mouth pieces???

Hi how much cost planting Toth please?
Hello, A friend of mine recommended your dental practice. I would like to send you via email my latest Xtray for you to look at and to tell me how much will cost approxiamately, and how many day for the treatment.
my email:
What can we do for you?
Xray is sent via my email( Please confirm receiving it.


Dear Inquiry!
Yes, you can, send your panorama X-Ray, please!
Our e-mail address is:

Dentistry hungary, dentist - Elej閞eDentistry hungary, dentist - VisszaDentistry hungary, dentist - NextDentistry hungary, dentist - V間閞e

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Dental tourism

As indicated in this concept, the dental care we provide is more than just the treatment itself.

Because the hotel is built upon a spa, in addition to the top-of-the-range dental services provided by us, you can also enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal water of the Debrecen Spa.

Also, we help you organise other aspects of your stay: free time activities, accommodation and transport.

Hungary has been a popular destination of dental tourism due to the availability of advanced medical procedures at considerably lower prices than abroad.

We are pioneers, however, in our ambition to attract tourists to Debrecen, a rural city 220 km from Budapest. It is closer than you think and visitors can enjoy a truly Hungarian experience here – an authentic taste of what Hungary is really like. It is far from the urban noise, still providing a variety of cultural events all year round. See you around here!

For more information about visiting Hungary, please visit the website of the Hungarian National Tourist Office.

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Dental tourism

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Dental tourism






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